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Why BlueStar?

BlueStar...Where, When, and Why

BlueStar is the leading innovator in solutions-based distribution for RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), Auto ID (Automatic Identification), POS (Point of Sale), and Mobility products. BlueStar is committed to working exclusively with Value-Added Reseller (VAR) partners to help deliver the finest Supply Chain, Mobility and POS hardware and software solutions in the world. Contact BlueStar today to become a VAR partner.

BlueStar, a D/B/A/ of United Radio, Incorporated (U.R.I.), is a privately held company that was established in 1929 and, in 2004, celebrated 75 years of niche electronics distribution. The company was originally founded as a wholesale provider of consumer electronic products with an initial strength in the supply of radios and radio repair parts.

The year 2002 marked BlueStar's introduction of Solutions-Based Distribution (bundling hardware and software for targeted vertical markets) to the POS and AIDC VAR channel through its FUSION program.

Our "Solutions-Based" model is driven by our Partners' needs. BlueStar offers the normal distributor services—like product selection, pick-pack-ship, and credit terms. However, as a Solutions-Based Distributor we also offer unique leasing programs; hardware, software, and service bundles; extended warranties; professional services; and business-development and marketing programs to assist VARs in branding their companies in their geographic markets.

Contact BlueStar today about our wide range of products and solutions-based services. Direct your browser to www.bluestarinc.com or call (800) 526-0193 today!

BlueStar's Mission:
"To serve the specialty electronics channel with the very best solutions, services and support, as well as to exceed the expectations of our value-added reseller customers and manufacturing partners," says Steve Cuntz, President and CEO of BlueStar.

It's Easy to Do Business with BlueStar
BlueStar endeavors to make it easy for our resellers to get the products and information they need from BlueStar. We do this by offering BlueStore, BlueStar's online information and ordering system—which provides pricing, availability and specification information on the products we sell. BlueStar also offers Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for qualifying customers.

To get the right products at the right time, every time, we also offer our customers same-day shipping, reduced shipping rates and a liberal 30-day return policy.

BlueStar Educational Services
BlueStar provides a wide range of educational services to get our customers the most relevant information on the products that we offer. In addition to trainings and certifications provided through our manufacturers, BlueStar hosts seminars and Lunch & Learns on a wide variety of topics at locations throughout the country. Beyond the geographic borders, we also make available to our customers e-Learns—self-running Webinars that can be accessed day or night.

BlueStar's commitment to reseller education is best-represented by our annual VARTECH trade show. As the industry's only VAR-exclusive POS and Supply Chain trade show, VARTECH provides hundreds of resellers every year with an increased understanding of the products, the software and the vertical markets that make up our channel.

BlueStar Business Development
BlueStar has worked hard to create a portfolio of business-development services for our customers. BlueStar's FUSION initiative is a series of benefits we can offer to our customers to make them more successful in their markets. Designed with both a vertical market and geographic regional focus, FUSION can help resellers to develop more business in their areas of expertise.

BlueStar Marketing Services
As a part of our FUSION Program, BlueStar has developed a series of marketing tools to benefit our resellers. These tools, sponsored by BlueStar's FUSION manufacturing partners, are designed for end-user prospecting and education. BlueStar's marketing services can help resellers to achieve their goals in a particular vertical market or geographic area, all at little or no cost to them. Our comprehensive suite of marketing products includes direct mail, telemarketing, graphic design, Web development and optimization, electronic educational tools, and printing services.

BlueStar Sales Tools
In the rapidly changing point-of-sale and supply chain channel, tools that help resellers to build and maintain margins are of the highest importance. BlueStar is constantly developing these tools for our customers, to keep them competitive. From customized product catalogs and aggressive leasing programs to additional revenues through payment processing programs, BlueStar has the sales tools to earn resellers more margins.

BlueStar Customer Service
BlueStar's sales team is designed to give you the highest possible level of service, before and after the sale. We are proud to offer our customers a one-to-one relationship with a BlueStar Account Manager, a single point of contact for your business with us.

BlueStar Solution Services
Solution services are part of BlueStar's core offering to our customers. We offer solution-based hardware-software bundles, and have experts on staff to advise our customers on media and consumables, as well as emerging technologies like RFID and Wireless Mobility. Our solutions experts are ready to help our Account Managers and customers to find the right hardware and software products to fit our customers' needs.

BlueStar Value-Added Services
BlueStar provides many extended services to our customers—to make them more agile, more capable and more profitable. We offer such technical services as gold disking, software loading, configuration and integration. In addition, BlueStar offers extended and perfected warranties and advanced exchange programs on certain products and bundles.

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TSP100 ECO Printer

The World’s First ECO Dedicated POS Printer
May 20, 2010
The TSP100ECO, the world’s first ECO POS printer, further extends the legacy that is the TSP100 futurePRNT. The TSP100ECO supports Star’s commitment to being ecologically responsible, while allowing Star to continue to provide a high-speed, software enriched, economical choice for users.
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Distributor of the Year!
May 20, 2010
BlueStar Number One in Star Micronics Sales Hebron, KY—May 14, 2010—BlueStar, the leading innovator in solutions-based distribution for auto ID, point-of-sale, mobility, RFID and security products, has been recognized by Star Micronics America as its 2009 Distributor of the Year. The award was presented to BlueStar on May 11th at BlueStar’s headquarters in Hebron, Kentucky.
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